How Long Does It Take to Download, Install, and Update Windows 10?

Because most recent PCs lack a CD or DVD drive, installing Windows 10 from a disc is not always possible. The good news is that you no longer need CDs; all you need is a USB stick. You need a few items to get started. To begin, you’ll need a USB device with at least 8GB of storage space. If you don’t already have one, you can get a good flash drive for a reasonable price online.In this post we explained how long does it take to install windows 10 from usb? If you already have a USB drive, be sure it doesn’t have any vital files because they will get deleted throughout the installation process. To make the USB key, you’ll need a Windows PC. When you finish, remove the USB drive from this computer and plug it into the machine where you install Windows 10.

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What is the time it takes to install Windows 10?

Windows 10 installation takes no more than three hours. On the other hand, installation accelerates using an SSD disk. An SSD would be ten times quicker than a traditional hard disk. Furthermore, with the SSD, installing Windows 10 might take between 10-15 minutes. Installing Windows 10 on an outdated machine takes longer and may harm the hard drive.

Know how long does it take to install windows 10 from usb? It will take a long time to update the present operating system rather than install a new one. It is because Windows will backup all documents and videos. On the other hand, the system upgrade should not take more than three hours. After installing Windows, the initial boot will take roughly two minutes. It is due to the operating system continuing to configure disks in the background. The installation speed suffers when you install Windows 10 from a USB device or a CD.

Why does Windows 10 take so long to install?

Installing Windows 10 does not take long. But, several factors will slow down the installation.

Computer age:

As previously stated, installing Windows on an older computer may slow down the installation process.


Installing Windows 10 on a PC with little RAM will be difficult since it requires more RAM to function properly.


Installing Windows 10 will take fifteen minutes and three hours, depending on your settings. Using an SSD, as opposed to a USB device or CD, will help to reduce installation time.

How long will it take for Windows 10 to download?

The speed of your internet connection is an issue when downloading Windows 10. It is important to note that the download speed is the slowest component of the entire process. The download speed from a Microsoft server is 10 Mbps per connection. However, downloading it manually with a fast internet connection will expedite. File size, in addition to internet speed, influences download speed. Windows 10 is around 3.5 GB in size. As a result, the pace computer’s RAM will be affected.


This post will be helpful if you are seeking an answer to the topic of how long it takes to install Windows 10. It is divided into three sections: install Windows 10 from scratch, update Windows, and install Windows 10 after a PC reset. Take action now!


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