Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N: What are the differences?

If you are looking to choose between Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N? Both are excellent choice for operating systems and are very similar, Although similar in the majority of the things, the differences are also many. Find out what that is and which OS, Windows 10 Pro or Pro N is better for you as we compare the two.

Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N

windows 10 pro vs pro n are essentially the same OS but are built for different regions. The Windows 10 Professional N is made for customers in Europe, and it doesn’t include media-related technologies such as Windows Media Player, Music, Video, Voice Recorder, or Skype.

Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N: Differences and Similarities

The most notable is the lack of media functions in Windows 10 Pro N. Take a look at the comparison table listing the differences between these two versions

Comparison Table

FactorsWindows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro N
AvailabilityGlobal, except EuropeAs a substitute for Windows 10 Pro in Europe
SecurityIt bags enhanced security featuresLoads with usual user account management abilities.
Pre-installed Media UtilitiesAvailableDue to some existing restrictions, this version of Windows lacks media utilities like Windows Media Player, Voice Recorder, Video Recorder, and more
Management and Deployment AbilitiesLoaded with utilities like Group Policy, Dynamic Provisioning, Assigned Access, and moreIt lacks most of the management and deployment-related abilities that the original Windows Professional bring to the table
Installation TimeWindows 10 Professional has a comparatively greater installation time that sticks somewhere around 15 minutes to 3 hours.Windows 10 Pro N takes much less time. The Pro N version misses out on media utilities, so acquiring faster installation time isn’t that surprising.

Frequently Asked Question:

– Is Windows 10 PRO N Better?

Well, Windows 10 Pro N is at least the sole option for audiences across Europe, primarily as the operations of Windows 10 Pro are restricted there. The introduction of the Windows 10 N edition marked the availability of almost the same functionality as the original Windows 10 but lacked any kind of media-related technologies. You’ll not find the utilities like Windows Media Player, Skype, Video Recorder, Voice Recorder, etc., with the N edition.

– Is Windows 10 Pro N Good for Gaming?

To be honest, neither playing games on Windows 10 Pro nor on Windows 10 Pro makes much of a difference. The availability of pre-installed media, however, presents the original Windows 10 Pro as a better option for the gaming experience. But then again, with the flexibility that Windows 10 Pro N bags, coming out of media-related misery won’t be a tough cake to bake.


To meet the needs of varied users, Microsoft has released twelve different Windows 10. Now, users can choose the best one that aligns with their environments. The Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro N don’t have many differences. 

However, the most noteworthy is that the Windows 10 Pro N version doesn’t have multimedia features. But that is no reason to worry! Users can easily download the applications from the app store and use them. 

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